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And They Searched For…..The Brown Mountain Lights

The Three Legends of the Brown Mountain Lights….

The Faithful Slave of Brown Mountain
Many many years ago a rich man came to the mountains to hunt.  He had a slave who was very old but who was his friend.  The rich hunter got lost.  His slave came to look for him.  He carried a light, and that is the light of the Brown Mountain.  You can still see his light high in the mountain, looking for his master.

The Woman Gone
There was once a man who was very mean to his wife.  He had  a bad, bad temper.  One day people noticed that the woman was gone.  They thought maybe he became angry and killed her.  They searched and searched at night, and  they saw a light glowing, glowing in the dark.  They followed the light for many years.  Finally they found a skeleton near the rocks.  It was the woman.  They say you can still see her spirit of light wandering in the mountains trying to find her skeleton.

The Battlefield
They say there was a battle between the Cherokee and the Catawba near Brown Mountain.  Many natives died, and the Cherokee believe the lights are spirits of wives looking for their warrior husbands.
The early settlers said that the spirits of the dead warriors walked the mountains, carrying lights.  You can still see them today.

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The Pactolus Lights

The story begins sometime in the early 1900’s. A young man rode his horse from Greenville to Pactolus. Pactolus is a small community east of Greenville. At this time, there was a train station in existence in the Pactolus community.

The purpose of this trip was to surprise the young man’s fiancée by meeting her train. Unfortunately, the train was extremely late this particular evening and the young man was soon alone in the dark. Of course, he really was not alone. His horse was very impressive and caught the attention of three men who were walking along the train tracks.

They decided that this was a perfect opportunity to catch a ride rather than walk to their destination. The three men hid in the brush surrounding the train station and as the young man rode by, he was ambushed and killed. The three men hid his body in the thickness of the woods. However, the horse was frightened away and returned to Greenville two days later. The family feared the worse after the horse returned without his rider. They searched the train station and the surrounding area only to find nothing.

The young man’s ghost is seen walking beside the train tracks. The form he takes is a single light floating beside the tracks. Sometimes the light floats at waist level (as if he is walking beside his horse) and other times the light floats above the head (as if he is riding his horse). The young man uses the light to let his fiancee know that he was there to meet her.

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A Cornucopia of Corn Mazes

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