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Did you know that that Zoologists in Thailand showed Panda Porn to Pandas in captivity to promote sexual arousal?

Panda pornography (or Panda porn) refers generally to movies depicting mating pandas, intended to promote sexual arousal in captive Giant Pandas. Under zoo conditions, the animals have in general proven unenthusiastic about mating, placing their species in danger of extinction.

The method was popularized following reports of an experiment performed by zoologists in Thailand, in which they showed several captive Giant Pandas at Chiang Mai Zoo a number of pornographic videos featuring other Giant Pandas.[1][2] Though the researchers behind the project state that they believe in a successful mating due to usage of pornographic movies for animals, such success so far has not been achieved outside of China,[3] where 31 cubs were born over a ten month period following commencement of the experiment.

Other methods, including the use of Viagra, to stimulate pandas have thus far been unsuccessful.[4]