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Fuck Your Tea Party

It should be updated with every president’s face since J.F.K


Come on let’s go Space Truckin’

Incredible time lapse footage of the milky way. Various locations are included, but just tremendous work by Enjoy.

Impressive Light Displays

Mathias Gmachl design with Surelight

LED light art at burning man 2007

LED floor from

Worlds first multi touch interactive musical wall.

Bastille Day Fireworks at the Eiffel Tower

Stunning Laser show


Some Blues

Cotton Fields – Leadbelly

‘Devil Got My Woman’ SKIP JAMES

Blind Boy Fuller – Bus Riders Blues

Son House – Death Letter Blues

Black Snake Moan – Blind Lemon Jefferson

Leadbelly-Midnight Special


“Will There Be Enough Water” – The Dead Weather – Live from the Roxy

Just sexy and sic